Department Geology
Level Under Graduate

Welcome to the BSc (Hons) Geology program at Ayyappa Institute of Management Studies (AIMS), specializing in Geological Data Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), and Virtual Reality (VR). This innovative four-year degree integrates geological sciences with advanced data analytics, machine learning, and virtual reality technologies, preparing students to lead in the next generation of geoscientific research and applications.

About the Course

Why Geological Data Analytics, ML & VR?

The integration of data analytics, machine learning, and virtual reality into geology is transforming how we understand and interact with the Earth. This specialization empowers students to analyze complex geological data, predict geological phenomena, and visualize geological structures in immersive virtual environments. By combining these technologies, geologists can make more informed decisions and uncover new insights into the Earth's processes.

Specialization Highlights

  • Geological Data Analytics: Learn to process and analyze large datasets using statistical methods and data visualization tools to extract meaningful geological insights.
  • Machine Learning Applications: Develop expertise in applying machine learning algorithms to predict geological patterns and phenomena, enhancing exploration and risk assessment.
  • Virtual Reality Integration: Master the use of VR technology to create immersive geological simulations, aiding in the visualization and interpretation of complex geological structures.
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical projects, fieldwork, and lab sessions to apply theoretical knowledge and develop technical skills.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Work alongside experts in computer science, data science, and environmental science to tackle interdisciplinary geological challenges.


Professional Add-Ons

BSc ( Hons) Geology - Geolgical Data Anaytics, ML & VR

Harnessing Data and Technology to Unveil Earth's Secrets

The programme shall normally extend over a period of Four academic years
A pass in Plus Two / Equivalent examination
Candidates who are willing to register for any course are requested to register in MGU UG CAP website ( by selecting the course along with specialization with necessary details and book your seat at the earliest well before June 7th 2024.
A candidate shall normally be permitted to register and appear for the end semester university examinations if
(a) He/She secured not less than grade C for attendance in each course of study in the semester, and
(b) His/Her progress is satisfactory in the internal assessment in each of the course.
Graduates of the BSc (Hons) Geology program with a specialization in Geological Data Analytics, ML & VR are well-prepared for a variety of exciting career paths, including: Resource Exploration: Use data analytics and machine learning to identify and assess potential sites for mineral, oil, and gas exploration. Environmental Consulting: Apply advanced data techniques to conduct environmental impact assessments, land use planning, and natural resource management. Geospatial Technology Firms: Join companies that specialize in geospatial analysis, offering solutions for urban planning, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. Research and Academia: Pursue further studies or research positions in universities and research institutions, contributing to the advancement of geological sciences.
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