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B.Sc. Petrochemicals is a UG course which prepares an aspiring student for a bright future in the petrochemical industry. AIMS, Ayyappa Institute of Management Studies is one of the top institutions providing this course under MG University Kottayam.

About the Course

The Department of Petrochemical offers an undergraduate programme, B.Sc Petrochemical. This is a model III programme under the CBCS scheme of MG University with Dual main, Chemistry and Petrochemical. The Department regularly conducts Seminars, Workshop, Trainings, and has a undergraduate laboratories with modern equipment’s for Chemistry and Petrochemical. The Department of Chemistry is committed to fostering a respectful workplace culture. We strive to cultivate a safe, inclusive and fair environment.

Petrochemicals is a branch of chemistry that studies the transformation of crude oil (Petroluem) and natural gas into useful products and also produces organic intermediate products such as refinery products, natural gas, plastic, rubber, fiber raw materials. These Petrochemicals have become an essential part of the chemical industry today. The petrochemicals industry has evolved out of oil and gas processing by adding value to low value by-products, which have limited use in the fuels industry. The industry now produces a remarkable range of useful products, including, synthetic rubber, solvents, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, additives, explosives and adhesives. The percentage of growth of this industry in India is very high. This ensures good opportunities across the world.


Professional Add-Ons

Why Oil and Gas Industry Safety Management System as an Add-On?

This course is an introduction to the basic elements of an effective Oil and Gas Industry Safety Management System (SMS). The information, tools, and resources provided in course are designed to help you, whether you are an employer or employee, to identify, reduce, and eliminate oil and gas-related hazards.

The main ideas of Oil and Gas Industry Safety Management System are:

Equip your safety leadership with the skills they need for the oil and gas industry.
Develop safety measures tailored to the oil and gas field.
Remain compliant with the Occupational Safety & Heath Administration (OSHA).
Effectively manage safety within your organization and make smart decisions.
Instill the commitment needed to make safety a priority in your organization.

Every vertical industry presents unique supply chain challenges, but none is as complex as OIL and GAS. Transporting product requires special equipment, strict regulatory compliance, and extensive safety procedures. It often requires multiple modes, and involves everything from supplying materials for oil rigs to moving extremely heavy equipment and hazardous materials. Petroleum Logistics focuses on Logistics, but with a greater emphasis on courses related to the oil and gas industry. The program aims at giving a thorough analysis and understanding of problems, challenges and solutions associated with all parts of the supply chains dealing with the oil and gas industry, on-shore as well as off-shore: Exploration, purchasing, Production planning, Inventory management and downstream distribution planning along with operational part of offshore, ocean tanker, tanker track and bulk storage tank farm.
This course is an introduction into the challenging and evolving field of occupational health and safety, and will enable you to gain an understanding of the ethical, legislative, technical, and management aspects of health and safety practice in human resources.

The course deals with

– Objectives for work with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).
– Regulations and guidelines concerning HSE-work
– Systematic HSE work
– Reporting of HSE problems and discrepancies
– Risk Assessment
– HSE responsibilities, roles and resources at NTNU and NV-faculty
– Emergency preparedness: what are you going to do and who to notify when something happens?
– Fire protection-theory and practical exercises using fire extinguishing equipment.
– First aid-theory and practical exercises in heart-lung resuscitation and the use of heart starter.

B.Sc Petrochemical

Explore The Earth and Discover your New world of Opportunities

The syllabi are framed in such a way that it bridges the gap between the plus two and post graduate levels of Chemistry by providing a more complete and logical framework in almost all areas of basic Chemistry.

The programme also aims to develop the following abilities:
1. Read, understand and interpret chemical information – verbal, mathematical and
2. Impart skills required to gather information from resources and use them.
3. To give need based education in chemistry of the highest quality at the undergraduate level.
4. Offer courses to the choice of the students.
5. Perform experiments and interpret the results of observation.
6. Provide an intellectually stimulating environment to develop skills and enthusiasms of students to the best of their potential.
7. Use Information Communication Technology to gather knowledge at will.
8. Attract outstanding students from all backgrounds.

The pogramme shall normally extend over a period of three academic years consisting of six semesters.
A pass in Plus Two / Equivalent examination with Chemistry as one of the optional subjects
All the candidates admitted for the course should register with the M.G University along with the original certificate of the qualifying examinations within 3 months from the date of commencement of the I semester programme.
A candidate shall normally be permitted to register and appear for the end semester university examinations if
(a) He/She secured not less than grade C for attendance in each course of study in the semester, and
(b) His/Her progress is satisfactory in the internal assessment in each of the course.

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