Department Commerce
Level Under Graduate

Join the forefront of digital commerce with the B.Com (Hons.) Mobile & Voice Commerce program at Ayyappa Institute of Management Studies (AIMS). This innovative three-year degree is designed to prepare students for the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile and voice-based commerce. By blending traditional business education with specialized knowledge in mobile technology and voice interfaces, this program equips students to thrive in the digital economy

About the Course

Why Study Mobile & Voice Commerce?

Mobile devices and voice-activated assistants have transformed the way consumers interact with businesses and make purchases. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) and voice commerce (v-commerce) are reshaping the retail industry, offering convenience, personalization, and seamless shopping experiences. This specialization prepares students to understand and leverage these emerging technologies to drive business growth and innovation.

Program Highlights

  • E-commerce Fundamentals: Gain a solid foundation in e-commerce principles, including online transactions, digital marketing, and customer relationship management.
  • Mobile Commerce Strategies: Learn how to develop and implement mobile commerce strategies, including mobile app development, mobile payment systems, and responsive web design.
  • Voice Commerce Interfaces: Explore the use of voice-activated assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, in commerce, including voice search optimization and voice-enabled shopping experiences.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: Understand the principles of UX design and user interface (UI) optimization for mobile and voice interfaces, ensuring intuitive and engaging customer experiences.
  • Digital Marketing: Master digital marketing techniques tailored for mobile and voice platforms, including mobile advertising, app store optimization, and voice search marketing.
  • Business Analytics: Analyze data from mobile and voice commerce platforms to gain insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, informing strategic decision-making.
  • Entrepreneurship: Explore opportunities for entrepreneurship in mobile and voice commerce, including launching mobile apps, voice-activated skills, and innovative digital business models.


Professional Add-Ons

Enhance your business acumen with specialized knowledge in logistic management, focusing on optimizing supply chain operations and ensuring efficient movement of goods.
Gain insights into the aviation industry, including airline management, airport operations, and the economics of air transport, preparing you for a dynamic career in aviation commerce.
Dive into the world of financial technology, learning about digital payment systems, blockchain applications, and financial innovation, equipping you to lead in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.

B.Com (Hons.) Mobile & Voice Commerce

Seamless Commerce in the Palm of Your Hand: Unlocking the Power of Mobile & Voice Technology

The pogramme shall normally extend over a period of four academic years
A pass in Plus Two / Equivalent examination in Commerce / Humanities subjects. Other subject students must secure 45% marks.
Candidates who are willing to register for any course are requested to register in MGU UG CAP website ( by selecting the course along with specialization with necessary details and book your seat at the earliest well before June 7th 2024.
A candidate shall normally be permitted to register and appear for the end semester university examinations if
(a) He/She secured not less than grade C for attendance in each course of study in the semester, and
(b) His/Her progress is satisfactory in the internal assessment in each of the course.
Graduates of the B.Com (Hons.) Mobile & Voice Commerce program are well-prepared for a variety of exciting career paths, including:
Mobile Commerce Specialist: Work in e-commerce companies, retail firms, or digital agencies, focusing on mobile commerce strategy development, implementation, and optimization.
Voice Commerce Analyst: Join companies that specialize in voice commerce technology, providing insights and solutions for voice-enabled shopping experiences and voice search optimization.
Digital Marketing Manager: Lead digital marketing initiatives for mobile and voice commerce, driving customer acquisition, engagement, and retention through mobile apps, voice assistants, and digital channels. UX/UI Designer: Design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for mobile apps and voice-activated systems, optimizing user experiences and maximizing conversions.
Entrepreneur: Launch your own mobile commerce startup or voice commerce venture, capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the digital commerce landscape.
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