The aviation industry offers a wide range of career opportunities with the scope of 60.2 million jobs globally. The Indian aviation industry is estimated to become the third largest aviation market in the world by 2020 and the largest by 2030. Around 3, 50,000 new employees are essential to facilitate growth in the next decade*

The aviation sector is one of the most significant sectors as it contributes to the economic growth of the nation by facilitating tourism and trade, two important generators of national income.In terms of employment, this industry is truly rewarding. The country is focusing on modernization of the aviation industry which involves construction of new airports and modernization of existing ones, airport connectivity infrastructure development and modern air navigation system development and devising ways to reduce cost and yet provide modern aviation facilities at various small cities. This up gradation indicates the growing potential of this domain. With a huge no. of new air crafts being added and services being made available through a wider network, the employment opportunities also rise and so does the need for next generation aviation professionals.