With 60.2 million employment available worldwide, the aviation industry provides a diverse range of professional prospects. The Indian aviation industry is expected to become the world's third largest by 2020, and the largest by 2030. Around 350,000 new personnel are required to support growth over the next decade*.

The aviation sector is one of the most essential since it contributes to the nation's economic growth by promoting tourism and trade, two vital sources of national wealth. This industry is quite rewarding in terms of employment. The country is working on aviation industry modernization, which includes the construction of new airports as well as the modernization of existing ones. Airport connectivity infrastructure development, modern air navigation system development, and creating ways to cut costs while providing modern aviation facilities in a variety of small communities are all priorities. This advancement demonstrates the domain's growing potential. With the addition of a large number of new aircraft and the expansion of services through a wider network, employment prospects expand, as does the demand for next-generation aviation specialists.




The different aviation courses offered by AIMS will open up a world of career and work prospects at domestic and international airports and airlines. The airport is a critical component of the air transportation system. A well-equipped airport offers a variety of services to aircraft, crew members, and passengers.

For each student enrolled in aviation courses, AIMS provides the best instruction, teachers, and infrastructure. Furthermore, this is one of the top courses for your degree. If you successfully complete the course, you will have endless chances and a slew of rewards for developing a rewarding career in the aviation business.


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